Hancock Metropolitan Housing Authority

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HQS Fails

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HMHA must not make any housing assistance payments for a unit that fails to meet HQS unless the owner corrects the defect within the period specified by HMHAA and passes the re-inspection.

If the defect is life threatening, the owner must correct the defect within no more than 24 hours. For other defects, the owner must correct the defect within no more than 30 calendar days (or any HMHA approved extension).

HMHA may grant an extension on the due date for repairs if the landlord requests an extension in writing at least two days before the due date. Requests must be forwarded to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If approved, HMHA will issue a written notice of the extension to the landlord.


If HAP payments are abated, there will be no retroactive payment to the landlord. HMHA may terminate the HAP Contract in the event the repairs are not completed in accordance with HUD regulations.

Any HAP payments not made to the landlord by HMHA as a result of abatement may not be assessed to the tenant.