Hancock Metropolitan Housing Authority

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How Do I Become an Landlord for the Program?

1. List your available unit(s). List my property now. Property owners may also advertise through the newspaper or another source. If so, it is suggested the ad state "vouchers are welcome".

2. Screen the applicants. It is the landlord's responsibility to do the screening. HMHA only determines eligibility for our assistance.

3. If an interested applicant passes your screening and if it is one of our voucher holders, complete the Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) form. Return the RTA to our office. The unit must be approved by HMHA.

4. Our staff will calculate the information on the RTA using our current Utility Allowance Schedule. The household income cannot exceed 40% when the rent and utilities are calculated. HMHA may request the landlord to lower the proposed rent in order to meet the HCV Program requirements. However, landlords are not obligated to accept these terms and terminate the approval process.

5. If the household income qualifies for the unit, an inspection will be scheduled. The unit must pass HUD's Housing Quality Standards. If the unit fails, the owner will be given a list of the failed items and a time frame for making the repairs. When the repairs are completed, the owner should contact the HMHA inspector to request the unit be re-inspected.

6. Once the unit has passed inspection, the owner and tenant may sign the lease agreement. The landlord may use his own lease. However, HMHA will provide a sample lease for convenience.

7. In addition HMHA will prepare the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract between HMHA and the landlord for a 12-month period.

8. HAP payment will commence once all documents have been signed by all parties. HMHA will make the initial payment and continue making monthly payments as long at the participant and the property continue to meet the program requirements.

9. HAP payments are made to the landlord at the beginning of the month. Alll property owners are encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit.

10. It is the responsibility of the property owner to collect the program participant's monthly portion of the rent.

11. In in the event of transfer of ownership, HMHA must be notified and paperwork must be completed.